here the customer wanted her cabinet doors in a 3d design

this raised ceiling needed something special to accent the room

fauxed walls with fake stones coming through

Some of the following pictures show areas

where the surface is plastered to create a more

realistic finish when fauxed over. Here we have

a fake stone niche in a antique copper finish

a bathroom washed in a pastel watercolor spectrum​

a finish to match multicolored melted wax

cloudy skies covering walls of 5 bedding stores in LV​

heavy clouds above soft adobe wash​

hand made paper reproduced​

wild colorful adobe wash​

tie dye style walls​

faux painted wood grain finish

(not the bed, but the entire chest)

The following pieces are fake marble finishes

imitation slate surface washed in colors of client's choice​

a fun finish in 1 color with different sheens​

There is nothing that compares to a 3 dimensional finish.  And it impressed these home owners enough, as they asked me  to give them more, and make it even more special.

2 fireplaces needed something to soften the ambiance

like this fake block you see

customer was looking for red marble with accents to match decor

fake brick and hand painted pantry doors

fake stones and painted sky ceiling

this wall was converted to

2 different marbles, front and back

Kevin Charles Designs LLC

A Hot tub access panel disappears into the marble

this client asked for yellow with black and white accents

the stuffed cat hangs with class and charm on this faux marble

All this with a set of 5 gold,metallic, textured venetian  plaster  top half panels

fake stone wall

Well here is where you will find some of the more exotic finishes. Some of them are painted, some done with venetian plaster, some of them even 3d. But as with all of the work they are one of a kind finishes. No 2 homes are exactly the same when 2 different families are living in them and so the houses get to take on a personality as well.

This is the second design element I created and incorporated into the second set of birds. It has a tissue paper textured surface with a 5 metallic color scheme.