One of few examples I left molding white, as it should be here. A light and happy room. but certainly not a light ceiling.

Why do we decorate?Why do we paint?Why do we choose the colors we do?The answer to these questions is simple. We choose these fabrics and furnishings and the colors that we do because of how we want to feel in any given space or room.

Starting with lighting, then from floors on up, light or dark, soft and plush or hard, solid color or natural colorations. Then the furnishings that suits your taste, hard or soft shiny or dull, modern, classic... And wrap it all up in the paint colors that will make you feel just right.


There is no right or wrong.  Although I do not believe ceilings should be white. I feel that the color of the ceiling in a room is just as important in the way a room feels, and makes you feel, as any other part of that room. I always recommend that people should be aware of the ceilings wherever they go. Most of all to be aware of the ceiling in any room that makes them particularly comfortable and relaxed. Following are several pictures of rooms with colored ceilings, some with before shots.

There will never be pictures that can convince anybody what colorful ceilings can do for a room like being in such a room. But see for yourself something you may have seen and felt, but never taken notice of before.

My final thoughts on this topic;

Almost every model home, and probably over 90% of the finest, largest and most expensive homes I have ever had the pleasure of visiting or creating in HAS COLOR CEILINGS. Why mention this? Because you do not have to be rich or pay a fortune to make your house look like a million bucks and feel like it too.

Paint my ceiling? Won't it make the room dark and small? NO. 

This is the most common reply to the mention of a dark ceiling. My answer is always the same. Next time you are in a place like a restaurant with dark or even black ceilings notice how it is eternal. It looks like the night sky going up forever. Then take notice how the lighter a ceiling is the more it feels like it is sitting right on your head.  As for the "will it make the room dark?" I respond, walk into a white room at night with the lights off. Don't forget to close the door behind you. And please, do be careful not to walk into the white walls.  

The color of the ceiling and walls do not determine how dark a room is. It creates feeling and atmosphere. I do recommend an appropriate amount  of INDIRECT DIMMABLE lighting almost every time for each room.

And finally, I know everybody has different tastes.  Also for each person comes different preferences for different rooms of their own homes/offices. So I don't expect everybody to love or "understand" everything I have done. But that is half the fun for me; making every job personal and every person I paint for happier then they ever expected a "paint job" to make them.

Bright and Cool


Colorful andFun

Warm and Cozy


Solution, make the half wall have a life and personality of it's own. Whether through veneer or paint or anything else you can imagine, make the wall look like a piece of furniture in the room just like anything else within the given walls of the space. Watch how the wall passes the "new piece of furniture" and continues on making the wall and the entire room look bigger. 

This gives you the spacious open area look intended in the first place. A real room changer.

The following are simple ideas and changes you can do in your home. The catch is, most of the things to follow will be ideas that one usually does not consider.  Yet most ideas can make a world of change in any space, particularly in the mood and feeling of a room. They will be random ideas that have come to me over the 30 plus years of painting and designing homes and businesses all over the country. I have seen buildings and homes of all sizes, styles, prices, ages, etc. and found certain things to come to be apparent working in so many different environments.  I hope anybody who takes the time to review this page can take atleast one new idea away with them.

Traditionally, pony walls are used in large rooms to break up a space without building an entire wall and making 2 smaller spaces. It is supposed to make a room feel bigger, but the brain doesn't always see it that way. Unfortunately, as in the case below, a pony wall tends to make a space feel smaller BECAUSE IT IS WHITE or the color of the wall. Therefore, the brain conceives of it as a wall. In the dining room below one feel closed in at the table as they are squeezed in by the pony wall.

Pony walls/half walls

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And After

Another before