Color pencil Toucan

Alpaca portrait

See all the different fun artwork. Some of them originals, some reproductions, some on canvas' some on everything else paintable.

(Even a customer changed into a Simpson as requested.)

antique painting reproduced over old country wash​

on kitchen cabinets

The center painting was reproduced at the request of a great woman.  The outer 2 were reproduced (from same the  series),   as gift to customer. I altered them to include the 2 people of the home into the pictures


M C Escher

Some chairs to cheer the patient patrons.​

For this the salon requested

different artists be represented 

Custom painted glove compartment​

this one, not quite as famous, 

but a favorite of the shop owners...

so I gave it to them and took it a step beyond

Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe

one person requested a large original painting

for master bathroom with the current (at the time)

trend of naked fat women, but fun and colorful

The walls are the canvas in this Las Vegas

hair salon with partial reproductions of

famous paintings like this Norman Rockwell

Animal art and portraits

Mr. Weinstein, retired accountant, asked  me to turn him into a Simpson​'s character.

Kevin Charles Designs LLC