faux finish on concrete fireplace

the customer requested a dramatic black and white finish





restaurant in Las Vegas


Faux finishes can be created in infinite styles and colors.

Every room of every home has its own personality.

With input from the homeowner, and the artist's eye,

the biggest challenge becomes

figuring out which room you will love the best.


The walls got a soft faux treatment for a touch of age and culture.​ The part of the textured walls sticking out were treated with a different color and style faux finish to make it stand out like a piece of furniture.

walls done with warm faux toning,

fireplace of faux stone,

and a faux marble (venetian plaster)slab

to compliment the stuffed bobcat hanging

ceiling in adjacent dining room

Kevin Charles Designs LLC

walls designed to match kitchen accessories

high polish wood finish (faux) on custom built

headboard/reading light to match bed

soft clouded faux