And this is the hallway leading to the children's wing of the house. A taste of the worlds beyond the bedroom doors.

Harry Potter flies over the doorway in the kid's playroom



What can be more fun then taking a kid to a circus or an amusement park? The answer is simple. Make their own room a fantasy come true.  Paint the entire room, top to bottom and transform it into a place the kids will love for years.

"Hey Sue it's our backyard, but who's on the course?

The little man of the house becomes the rancher


Sandler says,

"Let's go A's"


"I want a monster trucks in James' room.  And somehow

see if you can make the room look bigger please"

Kevin Charles Designs LLC

Quinn gave me  a list of his favorite characters and super power objects and I chose a game background  that I felt I could put it all together with. This is what I came up with.

Here are some shots taken during the process of this wall.


Another fun nursery

one thing on this boy's mind

a Scooby playroom

kids fantasy playroom

60's nostalgic hippy child

Welcome to Pooh Corner nursery

Something special for the Michael Jackson fan

The ultimate cartoon nursery


 Barbara's bathroom

James is driving his brother and sister

This is a detail picture looking up from James' bed







Barbara got her own bathroom. So this is for her 2 brothers who love their superheroes!

3 out of 4 of the walls in Quinn's room is painted with extreme sports in colors to match the new bedding.

And this is Barbara's room, filled with all the wonderful ideas of life, love, family, friends and good thoughts as planned out by Mommy Lynn