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Close-up of audience

Some 3 dimensional sculpting brings an extra level of reality to the life size scene.

This page is filled with 16 murals from the movie Casablanca. It starts outside the room with 3d doors and welcomes you around the room through the movie as told by  the 16 paintings as you circle the room. The walls are textured like the café the room represents and is all in black and white like the movie. And some of the art comes right off the walls.

Welcome to Rick's Cafe Americain

A little 3d plaster going into this one



Views from left and right

Corner of room

(extra arch built for effect)




An exclusive Las Vegas publication that

caters to high-end properties

(quote enlarged at bottom of page)

Once again no space wasted. The mirrored closet doors were replaced as well with paintable doors

Notice the door panel edge


Reproduction for the room

lighting at Rick's

The quote in the magazine reads;

"A most remarkable approach to creative expression, this personal retreat and exercise room provides an endless source of visual stimulation. These carefully composed, meticulously detailed, hand-painted murals bring to life the wonder and charm of a war-torn world filled with passion, personal sacrifice and duty.

Of course I am speaking of Casablanca, a film no one can ever forget.  Michael Loudermilk was kind enough to show us through his home and into this very special room he had recently redecorated. Kevin Goldman, of Kevin Charles Designs, is the extremely talented artist who was able to transport us quickly and vividly into the past through his work.

Although the pictures in our magazine are beautiful, they are not able to compare to the actual beauty of the movie's re-creation.  To enter the room, there is a full-size door where a painting of Humphrey Bogart welcomes you inside.  From left to right, the paintings of all sizes beckon you to move through the Casablanca movie.  All the windows in the room, except one, were removed to provide additional space for the artwork.

Kevin C. Goldman, the artist, has done artwork and murals for businesses and private customers, from New York to California, for more than 20 years. At the age of 13, he received  a scholarship to the art school run by the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York.  He graduated with a bachelor's degree in fine arts. In 1996, Kevin was invited to participate in the Philharmonic Design Show, creating and exhibiting a room in Trompe L'oeil, French for optical illusion.  Trompe L'oeil is a specialized fine art used to amaze the spectator as his environment is transformed with paint.  He has also been on television shows such as The House Detective, displaying and discussing his work.  Goldman does custom wall-painting work; murals; faux finish and venetian plaster are his specialty. To see more examples of his work, visit

Michael Loudermilk's home is still in the midst of redecoration and we sincerely hope he will invite us back to see the marvelous changes to come."

All windows got custom made paintable shutter panels

That really works