Look at the many faces of venetian plaster. You will find colors and styles of work done in venetian plaster as nobody else does. Some of the venetian plaster is finished to look like suede while some looks like wet marble. And look at the marble work and all the colors in some of the pieces.

This page is filled with 16 murals from the movie Casablanca. It starts outside the room with 3d doors and welcomes you around the room through the movie as told by  the 16 paintings as you circle the room. The walls are textured like the café the room represents and is all in black and white like the movie. And some of the art comes right off the walls.

See the many different custom built art projects. There are built-in closets and entertainment centers, custom built and painted furniture and an assortment of other pieces for your viewing delight. All work is custom one-of-a-kind pieces made specifically for each customer.

Now who would think bathrooms could be so much fun? And why not? The following are some of the most fun rooms, after the kids rooms perhaps. It has become something of a tradition for customers to come to me for fun and colorful bathrooms. It always seems like a place that could use a little cheering up.

See all the different fun artwork. Some of them originals, some reproductions, some on canvas' some on everything else paintable. Even a customer changed into a Simpson as requested.

Here is where you will find some of the more exotic finishes. Some of them are painted, some done with venetian plaster, some of them in 3D. Since everybody has different taste, I try to make every room I enter special and personal to it's owners.

Faux finish is French for "fake" finish. Whether it is a look of age and wear, or perhaps marble or wood you want to fake, faux it. Faux finish is a blanket statement for many different finishes people will present on a surface. No matter how many different walls and rooms are painted, no 2 surfaces ever look the same. Every room has it's own personality presented by the flooring material and colors as well as everything else in the room. A good faux finish is a specific blend of color and design needed to tie everything together. Done right, it will always create a proper mood and setting for the room.

What can be more fun than taking a kid to a circus or an amusement park? The answer is simple. Make their own room a fantasy come true.  Paint the entire room, top to bottom and transform it into a place the kids will love for years.

In here you will see some of the different ideas people have when they say they want a "mural". Some of the paintings are just portions of walls, some are full walls and others continue onto more walls and ceilings. There are indoor murals and outdoor ones, some in homes and a few offices too. Some are black and white and some are full color. A few of them are even three dimensional.  The Casablanca room is filled with 16 different scenes from the famous movie painted throughout the room.

About the artist Kevin


Artist Kevin Goldman

Phone: (908)391-4434 E-mail: kevin@kevingoldman.info

Kevin Charles Designs LLC

I spent most of my life in business, designing and painting clothing, portraits, landscapes, and homes. I have had work (Red Rock painting above) auctioned away, and I have been exhibited and sold in galleries.  For the last 20 years I have  flown around the country designing and custom painting homes and businesses. I am now a licensed designer and custom painter in the N.Y. metropolitan area.

I have a 100% customer satisfaction record.

I have taught children interested in learning to draw and spent many hours with senior citizens trying to develop a lifelong passion to express themselves. I can show you how to improve your use of paints, charcoals, clay, or any other medium. I can teach you how to perfect your own style whether it be realistic, modern, surreal, etc. I have trained high school students who have produced successful portfolios presented to colleges for entrance and scholarships.

Call for further information and see what I can do for you today.

(908) 391-4434

My name is Kevin Goldman.  Born in Brooklyn NY, in 1964, now residing in New Jersey. I started painting at the age of 8, I have been in the art business since age 13, and I have been exhibited in 11 states and 4 countries.

I have received art scholarship since age 13. First at the Brooklyn Museum Art School,  then Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, and from the School of Visual Arts where I received my Bachelor in Fine Arts degree.


 for any business or home​